Local Rules

Squire Green Golf Club Terms & Conditions


All players must register in the Pro Shop before beginning play. Continuing groups have priority of play. Unless special permission is granted by management or ProShop staff;

– Tee off are every 9 minutes.
– Starting point for all play is number one tee.
– The maximum number of players in a group will be 4.

Golfers are expected to maintain pace of play, if failing they can be moved forward.
Golfers must take all reasonable precautions to play safely, and are fully responsible for personal injury and/or property damage caused by their golf shots.

The General/Operations Manager or Course Superintendent are authorized to determine when the golf course is unfit for golf play or use of golf carts due to weather conditions or course maintenance programs.

The Squire Green Golf Club reserves the right to refuse or exclude a customer, without reimbursement of fees, following fraud or failure to comply with established rules. A Marshal circulates regularly on our field to ensure good conduct of the game.
Any abuse of the departure time reservation system (no-show / non-cancellation, overbooking, etc.) will result in the possible suspension of reservation privileges.

Practice facility: Personal practice balls are not allowed. Range balls are available for sale in the Pro Shop and are to be used on the range. Balls cannot be picked up or removed from the driving range.

Children: For safety reasons, children 12 years of age or under are not to be out on the property without a parent, or other responsible adult, present. Parents must assume the responsibility of children’s behavior while on the club premises. Children of 10 years old and more, members of the Junior Program, can practice alone on the course outside of class, after validation by the Junior Program referent.

Lost & Found: Found items must be clearly described by the claimant in order for the items to be released. Members and guests are reminded not to leave golf bags or personal belongings unattended on golf course property. Squire Green is not responsible for lost or stolen property.


Squire Green Golf Club’s addresses dress trends in golf while still respects golfers’ comfort and safety.

Appropriate golf attire is required:

For Men: golf shirt with collar & sleeves and slacks or mid-thigh length walking shorts. We also allow tee shirts, jeans and golf shorts that are not mid- thigh length.

For Ladies: sleeved or sleeveless golf shirt with collar and slacks, mid-thigh length shorts, skirts or skorts. We also allow shirts without collars that are sleeved or are sleeveless, but have wide straps as well as golf style shorts, skirts and skorts that are not mid-thigh length.

Not allowed: gym wear, beach wear, short shorts, muscle shirts, cut offs, halter tops, tank tops, tube tops, bare midriffs, miniskirts. Management and Pro Shop staff are empowered to enforce the dress code.

Golf Shoes, Running Shoes, Golf Sandals or footwear with a rubber sole that will not damage the greens must be worn by all golfers.


The Squire Green Golf Club holds a valid liquor licenses delivered by NB Liquor for the clubhouse and golf cart endorsement that allows the consumption of alcohol on the golf course. It is the Squire Green responsibility to serve alcoholic beverages in a responsible and professional manner at all times. We adhere to all laws and regulations as they pertain to the service of alcohol to under age or visibly intoxicated persons.

*It is unlawful for anyone to bring their own alcohol on to the premises. *


It is the policy of the Squire Green Golf Club to restrict motorized golf cart traffic when weather or turf conditions warrant. This policy ensures that we can continue to provide the best possible playing conditions by preventing damage to the course.

The below rules strictly enforced as seasonal agreement between golfers and Squire Green Golf Club.

Squire Green Golf Club charges by the seat for cart rentals.

Children under 16 years of age are not permitted to drive or use cart at any time.

Maximum of 2 carts per tee-time, organize groups accordingly (additional cart for a group at management’s discretion).

Maximum two person per cart.

Carts must remain on paths within 30 feet from greens and on teeing areas at all time.

Keep carts out of rough, trees and avoid soft ground.

No cart pulling.

All signs must be observed.

The course reserves the right to refuse, without refunding any fees, the use of the cart for not following the above rules.

Golfer agrees to be responsible for any physical damage (except fire) to a golf cart while in his/her possession and agrees not to hold Squire Green Golf Club or any personnel of the aforementioned entity responsible for any accident or injury that may result to him/her or others through the use of golf carts.

As part consideration of use, golfer agrees to hold Golf Chaleur Association Inc. and the Squire Green Golf course, free and harmless from any damage or claims of any nature whatsoever made by himself/herself or third parties, that may arise from or through the use of golf carts.

Any damage incurred by the player or on a golf cart should be reported immediately to the golf course staff.


A handicap flag on a golf cart signifies that a person of said cart has a disability that makes walking to their ball a hardship. To qualify for a handicap flag the individual must possess a “State” approved permanent or temporary disabled parking placard or be approved by the management. All golfers with a disability that request the use of a handicap flag MUST complete the registration form at the ProShop. By signing the registration form the golfer is agreeing to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the Squire Green Golf Club for handicap flag use.

The following rules MUST be followed when using a handicap flag:

Handicap flag users must still follow Squire Green Golf Club course golf cart rules when they are not override by the following ones.

A handicap flag applies only to the individual(s) with the disability.

Flag must be clearly displayed on golf bag or golf cart.

An able-bodied golfer on a cart with a disabled golfer MAY NOT take advantage of the Handicap Flag Policy and must walk to his or her ball.

If more than one disabled person is in the group, they must ride together.

The 90-degree rule applies.

Carts must remain on paths no closer than 10 feet of tee boxes and greens.

Parking carts on slopes/surrounds of any green or tee box is prohibited.

Carts with Handicap flags MAY NOT drive over ropes into a roped off area.

Par 3 holes: remain on the cart path as much as practicable.

When conditions warrant and the course has been designated as Cart Path Only, ALL golfers including those with handicap flags must adhere to cart path only restrictions.

Abuse of the rules of this policy WILL result in loss of privileges.


The Club does not exchange personal information of its golf members and visitors with any companies, organizations or other third parties other than the NGCOA and Golf NB / Canada and only for golfer registration purposes.

We regularly communicate by email with members and visitors on Club matters, if you do not wish us to communicate with you on these matters, please advise.

This rules and regulations are designed to maintain decorum and will assist us in providing the best possible golfing experience for all. Squire Green Golf Club reserves the right to reject an application for membership, and to suspend, restrict or revoke the membership privileges of any individual whose conduct breaches and rule(s) of the Club or is unlawful, scandalous or otherwise considered to be unduly detrimental to the Club. Management may, from time to time, amend the rules and regulations.